Ultima VII: The Black Gate

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  • Licencia: Freeware
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A total RPG classic that's lasted well.

If there are games that have shone in golden letters in the genre of computer RPGs, no doubt these are Ultima. For many years it held the title of role-playing game par excellence, reaching the saga to its culmination with 3 titles essential for every good gamer: the two chapters that are divided in Ultima 7 (the first of which, Ultima 7: The Black Gate, is offered to you as a free download), with the series culminating with the awesome Ultima 8.

In Ultima 7: The Black Gate for the first time it changes the playing style and the user interface itself that was typical of this saga. Because Ultima 7 is offered for the first time as a totally free management game, along with a complete visual environment which allows you to move freely around the world of Britannia. This is what makes Ultima 7: The Black Gate one of the pioneers of open worlds that swarm around the Internet today. And without a doubt, you as a good self-respecting gamer can't miss out on it. What are you waiting for to download it?


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